Lecania chlorotiza

Description & Identification

This is a crustose lichen with a scurfy-leprose thallus, bright to glaucous green in colour, becoming dirty grey. Apothecia are bright pink-orange to a piebald brown, 0.1-0.3 mm diam., occasional, semi-immersed, rarely becoming sessile.

 Photo: P. Diederich


On very shaded, base-rich bark and inside old hollow trees, especially elm, ash and willow. Also very old oaks in sheltered wayside and woodland sites and by water.


Rare but widespread throughout Britain, also France, Denmark, Norway, Spain.

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Cards: Coed Cwm Cletwr SN664919 1991 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Cwm Cletwr SN676917 2010 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Nant Llolwen SN589772 1993 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Cwm Einion SN691947 1994 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Nant Paith, E of Nanteos SN630785 1995 S.P. Chambers No
Cards: Trawsgoed SN667729 1997 S.P. Chambers No
Cards: Coed Rhiwbren Fawr SN473574 2010 S.P. Chambers & A.Seddon No
Cards: Coedmor NNR SN194436 1985 A. Orange  Yes
Mers: Coed Dolgoch Falls SH652043 1992 S.P. Chambers No


Notes on individual locations

These notes from Steve Chambers:

Coed Cwm Cletwr: With Agonimia allobata on decaying bark of Tilia cordata, alt 60m and On shaded damp bark on NE side of Fraxinus excelsior in gorge E of minor road bend at E end.

Coed Nant Llolwen: On damp Fraxinus excelsior bark at base of tree in stream ravine woodland.
Coed Cwm Einion: On partially decayed spongy bark of old streamside.
Coed Nant Paith, E of Nanteos: On upperside of inclined mossy Quercus trunk
Trawsgoed: On shaded bark on ancient Fraxinus excelsior.
Coed Rhiwbren Fawr: On shaded rough base-rich bark on trunk of old Quercus in sheltered valley woodland. 
Coedmor NNR:  The earlier name ‘Catillaria chlorotiza’ is pencilled on an otherwise typed list of notable species recorded between 1973-85 assembled by Ray Woods (February 1985). There are no supporting details, i.e. precise locality, phorophyte, or whether voucher material exists. There is a supporting NCC note however (from Alan Orange to Glyn Jones) requesting the species ‘be added to the Coedmor list’, so the record is probably AO’s. [It is listed as such in the new BLS database, but it is not clear what the   provenance of the record is - ADH]
Coed Dolgoch Falls:  On decaying Fraxinus excelsior bark.

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Lecania chlorotiza

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