Buellia hyperbolica

Description & Identification

Thallus of white, pale grey to yellow-green granules usually extensive. Apothecia are abundant, often running into one another, without margins.

Buellia hyperbolica photo

Photo: Alan Orange


On old Quercus trees in parks.


 S.W. Europe; England (Berkshire). In Wales from Carmarthenshire and Merionethshire.

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder(s) SSSI
Carmarthen: Glan Bran Deer Park, Cynhordy. SN 799 378 1981 R.G. Woods No
Meirionydd: Fedw Felin, Nannau SH 746 205 2002 V.J. Giavarini No


Notes on individual locations

 Glan Bran Deer Park, Cynhordy - "On ancient Quercus in pasture woodland.

Proposed Actions

UKBAP Signposting Actions:

1. Maintain ancient tree resource - ensure there will be continuity in age structure, without losing well lit bark habitat on veteran Oaks.
2. Nutrient deposition is a problem, since it requires acid bark (sic).  Action should be to reduce this in any area containing ancient trees - many but not all of these will be in the priority habitat.

Hectad Distribution in Wales/Link to full BLS map

Buellia hyperbolica

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