Section 7 Lichen List

Lichens listed under Section 7 of the Environment (Wales) Act (2016). Species (and lichen communities) on this list are considered to be of "principal importance for conservation of biological diversity in Wales"

One species, Arthothelium dictyosporum, that was listed in the preceding Section 42 of the Natural Environment and Communities (NERC) Act 2006, but was recorded from Wales in error has been removed from the Section 7 list. A second lichen, Pyrenula nitida, also has no confirmed record from Wales, but is still included.

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Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris A lichen Prysgwydden y coed
Arthonia atlantica A lichen Cen
Bacidia circumspecta A lichen Cen
Bacidia incompta A lichen Cen
Biatoridium monasteriense  A lichen Cen
Tylophoron hibernicum A lichen Cen
Bryoria smithii A lichen Cen
Buellia hyperbolica A lichen Cen
Calicium adspersum A lichen Cen
Caloplaca atroflava A lichen Cen
Caloplaca flavorubescens A lichen Cen
Caloplaca herbidella A lichen Cen
Caloplaca lucifuga A lichen Cen
Caloplaca luteoalba Orange-fruited elm lichen Cen llwyfen ffrwythau oren
Chaenotheca phaeocephala A lichen Cen
Cladonia peziziformis A lichen Cen
Collema dichotomum River jelly-lichen Cen Gwymonaidd yr afon
Collema fasciculare A lichen Cen
Collema fragile A lichen Cen
Collema fragrans A lichen Cen
Endocarpon adscendens A lichen Cen
Fulgensia fulgens Scrambled egg lichen Wygen y twyni
Fuscopannaria sampaiana A lichen Cen
Gomphillus calycioides A lichen Cen
Graphina pauciloculata A lichen Cen
Gyalecta flotowii A lichen Cafneddgen Flotow
Heterodermia leucomela Ciliate strap lichen Cen rhuban blewog
Lecania chlorotiza A lichen Cen
Lecanographa amylacea A lichen Cen
Lecanora achariana Tarn lecanora Cen llyn mynydd
Lecanora quercicola A lichen Cen
Lecanora sublivescens A lichen Cen
Leptogium brebissonii A lichen Cen
Leptogium cochleatum A lichen Cen
Lobarion community A lichen community Cymuned o gen
Megalospora tuberculosa A lichen Cen
Melaspilea lentiginosa A lichenicolous fungus Ffwng sy'n tyfu ar gen
Metal-mine community A lichen community Cymuned o gen
Opegrapha prosodea A lichen Cen
Parmeliella testacea A lichen Cen
Parmelina quercina A lichen Cen
Parmelinopsis horrescens A lichen Cen
Parmotrema robustum A lichen  Cen
Peltigera venosa A lichen  Cen
Pertusaria velata A lichen  Cen
Physcia tribacioides Southern grey physcia Ffisgia llwyd y de
Porina effilata A lichen Cen
Porina hibernica A lichen Cen
Pseudocyphellaria intricata A lichen Cedennog blawd lwyd
Pseudocyphellaria lacerata Ragged pseudocyphellaria Cen cedennog llarpiog
Pseudocyphellaria norvegica A lichen Cen
Pyrenula hibernica A lichen Cen
Pyrenula nitida A lichen Cen
Ramonia chrysophaea A lichen Cen
Ramonia dictyopsora A lichen Cen
Rinodina isidioides A lichen Cen
Schismatomma graphidioides A lichen Cen
Stereocaulon delisei A lichen Cen
Stereocaulon symphycheilum A lichen Cen
Sticta canariensis A lichen Pysg-gen glas
Strangospora microhaema A lichen Cen
Strigula stigmatella var. stigmatella A lichen Cen
Synalissa symphorea A lichen Cen
Teloschistes flavicans Golden-hair lichen Cen aurwallt
Toninia sedifolia A lichen Cen
Usnea articulata A lichen  Brig-far flodeuog
Usnea florida Witch's beard Cen
Wadeana dendrographa A lichen Cen