Calicium adspersum

Description & Identification

Characterised (in common with related species) by tiny stalked apothecia, like small pins, up to 1mm tall. The thallus is granular, grey and the apothcia are black with yellow pruina on the head an margin.

Photo- U. Kirschbaum

Photo- U. Kirschbaum


 On dry bark of old Quercus in parkland.


Europe, Asia , N. America. Also as subsp. australe in S. America, Australia, New Zealand. S. England (Oxford) and one site


Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder(s) SSSI
Montgomery: Gregynog Great Wood SO 084 977 1996 R.G. Woods & B.J. Coppins Yes


Proposed Actions

 UK BAP Signposting Actions:

  1. Search the last known sites in Oxfordshire and Montgomery.  Sites are likely to require an abundance of veteran oak and adequate replacement trees.
  2. Research existing knowledge on the habitat requirements and threats to this species in Europe, to inform refinding and conserving this species in UK
Hectad Distribution in Wales/Link to full BLS map

Calicium adspersum

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