A Lichen Red Data List for Wales

A Lichen Red Data List for Wales was published by Plantlife in Dec. 2010, with support from the British Lichen Society, Countryside Council for Wales, Welsh Government and the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.

This is believed to be the first such regional report of threats facing lichen species in Britain and it is hoped that it will help to prioritise future conservation action for these species.

Despite its small size (11% of mainland Britain) Wales has supported 1290 lichen taxa representing 68% of the total British Lichen flora. Using widely accepted international criteria and data collated by the British Lichen Society a Welsh regional threat status is offered for all Welsh lichens and allied fungi for the first time. The threat status of Welsh species is compared with threat in the already published Conservation Evaluation for British lichens.

The Welsh Red Data List is made available here for download or viewing online. To view the PDF in your web-browser, click on the link below with your left mouse-button; to download the PDF, right-click and then select "Save Link As" (this phrase may vary depending on which browser you use).

View or download the PDF

Errata: Please note that there should be a "P" (to indicate UKBAP priority) against the following species in the Red List: Collema fragrans, Usnea florida and Wadeana minuta.

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