Blarneya hibernica

Blarneya hibernica

Tylophoron hibernicum

(D. Hawksw., Coppins & P. James) Ertz, Diederich, Bungartz & Tibell (2011)
Description & Identification

Initially parasitic on other lichens establishing and spreading over Enterographa crassaSchismatomma cretaceumS. decolorans, S. niveum, Cresponea premnea or Lecanactis thalli. Eventually becoming independent. Thallus crustose, pale rose or pinkish, like compressed cotton wool, becoming crusty.

Pale primrose-yellow "sporodochia" (cushion-like groups of condiophores and associated conidia) are scattered across the thallus.

Both thallus and sporodochia are C+ Red (fleeting).

Photo: Alan Hale

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder(s) SSSI
Ceredigion: Coed Cwm Cletwr SN 665919 2011 S.P. Chambers, A.D. Hale, R.G. Woods Yes

Note: The BLS database (and hence the NBN Gateway - see map below) holds an unverified record from St Mary's Churchyard, Llanfair, Meirionydd, SH577291, 12/08/1998. The record needs further investigation, but in the meantime is considered doubtful. 

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