Lichens of Wales

Lobarion community

The following provides some guidance on the identification of the Lobarion lichen community.

When well-developed this is a spectacular community that can include some of the largest foliose lichens.Unfortunately most of its constituent species are highly sensitive to sulphur dioxide, acid rain and excessive ammonia levels and many examples of the Lobarion in Wales are now species poor.

The Lobarion is likely to be present on a tree or shrub or any rock face that supports the following:-

Any species in the following genera:

Degelia Menegazzia Parmeliella (except P. parvula - see below)
Fuscopannaria Nephroma Pseudocyphellaria
Heterodermia Pannaria Sticta

Any of the following species (* = species also individually listed on S42):

Agonimia octospora Leptogium brebissonii* Phyllopsora rosei
Collema fasciculare* Leptogium cochleatum* Porina coralloidea
Collema furfuraceum Pachyphiale carneola Porina hibernica*
Gyalecta flotowii* Parmotrema crinitum Punctelia reddenda
Gomphillus calycioides Peltigera collina Thelopsis rubella
Leptogium burgessii    

Any three of the following species:

Acrocordia gemmata Leptogium teretiusculum Parmeliella parvula
Arthonia vinosa Loxospora elatina Peltigera horizontalis
Catinaria atropurpurea Mycobilimbia pilularis Pertusaria hemisphaerica
Dimerella lutea Normandina pulchella Thelotrema lepadinum
Leptogium lichenoides Opegrapha sorediifera  


For fuller details see James, P.W., Hawksworth, D.L. & Rose, F.(1977)Lichen Communities in the British Isles pgs 322-327 in Lichen Ecology,Seaward, MRD (Ed.), Academic Press, London).