Lichens of Wales

Opegrapha prosodea

Description & Identification

Confined to the dry bark of veteran and ancient trees especially oak and yew.  A member of the Ancient Dry Bark community (Lecanactidetum premneae) on veteran and ancient parkland and field trees, or more rarely in closed-canopy pasture woodland; also on ancient Yews in churchyards (James et al, 1977). Associated species include Cresponea premnea, Lecanactis subabietina, Lecanographa lyncea and Schismatomma decolorans

Records from Wales

Confined to South Pembrokeshire where it has been recorded from: 

Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Pembroke – Upton Castle SN020045 1987 PW James & PA Wolseley  


Threats and Status
Account Author
Bryan Edwards