Lichens of Wales

Accounts of Selected Species & Communities

We aim to provide in this section of the website detailed accounts of some of the lichen species considered to be most at risk in Wales. These are the species that are included on the Welsh Government's list of  "species and habitats of principal importance for conservation of biological diversity" in Wales (commonly known as the "Section 42 List" since it was drawn up as a requirement of Section 42 of the UK Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006.

The accounts include descriptions and photos, habitat information, and details of distribution, threat and proposed actions.

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Two types of lichen communities are also included on the Section 42 List: -  metallophyte lichen communities and "Lobarion" communities. Descriptions and definitions of these communities are given on the pages linked to below and on the left:

Lobarion community

Metallophyte community