Teloschistes flavicans

Teloschistes flavicans

Teloschistes flavicans

Common Name(s)

Golden-hair lichen

Description & Identification

The bright orange-yellow colour, combined with the "brillo pad"- like clumps of finely divided thallus, make this a highly distinctive species. It is unlikely, where it occurs on the ground,  to be confused with any other than the extremely rare Teloschistes crysophthalmus (which has never been recorded in Wales). When it occurs on trees it can sometimes (especially when wet) take on a grey-green colour and then it may be taken from a distance as an Usnea species.

A few fertile specimens were collected in Cornwall in the 19th C but it has not been found fertile in Britain since.

Chemical reaction: K+ purple

Teloschistes flavicans

Photo: Alan Hale

Records from Wales


Location Grid Reference Recorder Year Last Rec SSSI
Anglesey: Llanddwyn Island, Newborough Warren SH 38 62 J. Ratcliffe 2008 Yes
Anglesey: Porth Dafarch, Ynys Gybi SH 23 79? M.A. & L.A. Howe 1996 Yes
Caernarfon: Mynydd Cilan Peninsula, Lleyn SH2885 2388 D. Lamacraft 2011 Yes
Caernarfon: Ynys Enlli/Bardsey Island SH 12 20,21,22 ? 1995 ? Yes
Caernarfon: Pen y Cil, Lleyn SH 15 24 V.J. Giavarini 2004 Yes
Caernarfon: Mynydd Penarfynydd, Lleyn SH2125, SH2126 V.J. Giavarini 2004 Yes
Caernarfon: Mynyd Bychestyn, Lleyn SH 150 244 B. Edwards 2002 Yes
Montgomery: Moel y Golfa (nr. Breidden Hill) SJ 28 12 ? pre-1900 Yes
Pembroke: Dinas Fawr, Solva SM 81 22 P.Wolseley & P. James 1997 Yes
Pembroke: Stackpole Head SR 992 948 P.W. James 1978? Yes
Pembroke: Saddle Point, Broadhaven SR 981 940 B. Edwards 2007 Yes
Pembroke: Martinshaven Deer Park SM 754 090 S.D.S. Bosanquet 2001 Yes
Pembroke: Manorbier SS 05907 97286 CCW District Team 2008 Yes
Pembroke: Ramsey Island SM 694 235 A.D. Hale 2008 Yes
Pembroke: Skomer Island SM 717 097 Wardening Staff 2008 Yes
Pembroke: Skomer Island SM 714 093 Wardening Staff 2008 Yes
Pembroke: Skomer Island SM 714 089 Wardening Staff 2008 Yes
Pembroke: Skokholm Island SM70 (6 sites) Wardening Staff 2007 Yes
Pembroke: Trewellwell SM 798 267 Purvis &  James 1995 No
Pembroke: Orielton SR 954 990 C. Hurford ? ` 2005? No
Pembroke: Picton Castle SN 00 13 O'Leo ? pre-1990? No
Pembroke: Broomhill Burrows SM 88 00 P.W. James pre-1996 Yes?

 There are a number of other historical records for Wales (see NBN Gateway map), but these are too unlocalised to be worth including here.

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