Collema fragile

Collema fragile

Collema fragile

Description & Identification

A rather small (to 2cm diam) jelly lichen that occurs on carboniferous limestone in Wales forming irregular and incomplete rosettes. Being in the genus Collema it lacks a cellular cortex. The thallus also lacks longitudinal ridges but the older parts of the lobes become rugose and become covered in numerous globose isidia and with whitish pubescence around the edges of the most actively growing lobes. Apothecia are rare but are reported once from the Gower.

Photo: Alan Orange (scale = 1mm)

Similar Species

Resembles Lempholemma botryosum but that has unicellular spores. Small Leptogiums have a cellular cortex and Collema parvum lacks the whitish pubescens on the lobe tips.

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Anglesey: Bwrdd Arthur, Llanddona SH5881 2002 S.P. Chambers Yes
Caernarvonshire: Gt Orme's Head  SH7562784426 2006 V. Giavarini Yes
Denbighshire: Rhyd y Foel, Llanddulas SH906769 1995 A. Orange & R.G. Woods. Yes
Glamorgan: Mewslade, Gower SS422873 1997 A. Orange Yes
Glamorgan: Richard's Rock, Mewslade, Gower SS4227987401 2011 R.G. Woods & T. Wilkins Yes
Glamorgan: SE-facing cliffs, Mewslade, Gower SS4218387365 2011 R.G. Woods & T. Wilkins Yes
Pembroke: Lydstep Point SS0997 2004 S.P. Chambers Yes
Pembroke: Stackpole SR9720993119 2007 B. Edwards Yes
Pembroke: Broadhaven Cliffs, Stackpole SR9771194340 2011 R.G. Woods & T. Wilkins Yes

There are earlier records from Stackpole, Pembs, the Great orme, Caerns. and the Little Orme, Denbighshire the details of which have yet to be located.

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