Caloplaca lucifuga

Caloplaca lucifuga

Caloplaca lucifuga

Description & Identification

Found on bark with inconspicuous thallus - immersed in the bark or as a thin grey film. Soralia are numerous and very crowded, often contiguous, pale yellow to dirty yellow-orange-brown, flat and ulcer-like bcoming convex and rounded; soredia farinose (floury). Apothecia are unknown. Chemistry: Thallus K-, soralia K+ purple Ray Woods says: This is a very obscure species first described in 1988. It appears as a khaki/gold smear that is K+purple. I have had immense difficulty refinding it in a number of sites.

Photo: V. Alstrup

Similar Species

Caloplaca ulcerosa and  C. obscurella are similar but have more scattered and discrete soralia which are  K-. 

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorders(s) SSSI
Brecknock: South of Trefeinion, Llangorse SO13372946 2003 R.G. Woods No
Brecknock: Pwll-y-Wrach, valley S of Talgarth SO163325 1989 R.G. Woods Yes

Brecknock: North of Llysdinam



R.G. Woods

Brecknock: Cwm yr Esgob, Carngafallt SN9338164915 2011 R.G. Woods, I. Blatchley & A.O. Orange  
Ceredigion: Nanteos Mansion Park SN616780 1992 R.G. Woods No
Ceredigion: Trawscoed SN670733 1996 S.P. Chambers No
Meirionydd: Corwen Rug SJ058445 1996 A.O. Orange No
Radnor: Maesllwch - Castle Park SO1640 2003 S.P. Chambers No
Radnor:  N of Pencerreg SO044540 1997 R.G. Woods No


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