Lichens of Wales

Physcia tribacioides

<em>Physcia tribacioides</em>

Physcia tribacioides

Common Name(s)

Southern Grey Physcia

Description & Identification

Individual narrow, strap-like, convex, pale grey thalli lobes are small but can mass to extend over wide areas. The upper surface lacks the white flecks seen in Physcia caesia or marginal cilia seen in some other species. The marginal lobes can flare out to produce crenately incised apices. The soralia are mostly laminal, convex and can be so abundant as to cover parts of the thallus. The medulla reacts yellow when potassium hydroxide is applied. There is no reaction in the medulla of the similar P. tribacia.

Physcia tribacioides

Photo: ©Alan Silverside

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