Lichens of Wales

Lecanora sublivescens

<em>Lecanora sublivescens</em>

Lecanora sublivescens

Description & Identification

Any non sorediate C- and Pd- yellowish green areolate crust with an abundance of yellowish-green to occasionally pinkish green (not green-black) lecanorine apothecia  on the well-lit trunk of an ancient oak tree (or rarely ash) could possibly be this species.

Photo: Ray Woods Photo: Alan Orange

This is a member of the Lecanora polytropa group. It has been suggested that this is just a corticolous form of Lecanora sulphurea. Brian Coppins adamantly refutes this (pers. comm.). All other members of this group occur on rock, though L. polytropa does occasionally occur on dust impregnated worked timber. The similar looking and more commonly reported on wood L. confusa and L .symmicta are both C+orange.

The apothecia of L. intricata and L. polytropa usually have a greeni

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