Lichens of Wales

Lecania chlorotiza

<em>Lecania chlorotiza</em>

Lecania chlorotiza

Description & Identification

This is a crustose lichen with a scurfy-leprose thallus, bright to glaucous green in colour, becoming dirty grey. Apothecia are bright pink-orange to a piebald brown, 0.1-0.3 mm diam., occasional, semi-immersed, rarely becoming sessile.

 Photo: P. Diederich

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Cards: Coed Cwm Cletwr SN664919 1991 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Cwm Cletwr SN676917 2010 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Nant Llolwen SN589772 1993 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Cwm Einion SN691947 1994 S.P. Chambers Yes
Cards: Coed Nant Paith, E of Nanteos SN630785 1995 S.P. Chambers No
Cards: Trawsgoed SN667729 1997 S.P. Chambers No
Cards: Coed Rhiwbren Fawr SN473574 2010 S.P. Chambers & A.Seddon No
Cards: Coedmor NNR SN194436 1985 A. Orange  Yes
Mers: Coed Dolgoch Falls SH652043 1992 S.P. Chambers No


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