Lichens of Wales

Graphina pauciloculata

<em>Graphina pauciloculata</em>

Graphina pauciloculata

Description & Identification

A small crustose lichen, which under the hand lens (x10)  resembles a depauperate G.ruiziana but with much smaller, stumpy lirellae, forming tight, gnarled 'knots' of contiguous fruits in clustered groups. Individual lirellae are sessile, with smooth unfurrowed margins (cf. young Graphis elegans) and a persistently narrow, slit-like disc. However, with the naked eye in the field its immediate form can resemble other similarly sized species with clustered fruits, such as some Arthothelium species, but the lirellae are prouder and not flush with the bark surface, as is the case in Arthothelium.  

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Cardigan: Hafod (Allt Dihanog) SN762726 2009 A.D. Hale Yes
Cardigan: Pontrhydygroes SN737727 2002 S.P. Chambers No
Merioneth: Afon Dulas SH777100 1999 S.P. Chambers No


NBN Taxon Key
Account Author
Alan Hale, adapted from Chambers (2003)