Lichens of Wales

Bacidia incompta

<em>Bacidia incompta</em>

Bacidia incompta

Description & Identification

The thallus of this species is dull green, grey-grey, white or fawn in colour and finely granular. The apothecia are 0.3-0.8 mm diam., dark purple-brown to black, sometimes becoming convex. The margin is thin, paler than the disc.

Occasionally found sterile, although inconspicuous pycnidia are usually present.

Photo: Vagn Alstrup

Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorders(s) SSSI
Brecknock: Three Cocks SO165373 1981 R.G. Woods ? Afon Llynfi
Brecknock: U. Cwm Bridge, Llanbedr, Crickhowell SO241203 1982 R.G. Woods ? River Usk Tribs
Brecknock: Pen-y-Rhiw, Llysdinam SN993581 2002 R.G. Woods No
Brecknock: Llanbedr Church, Crickhowell SO240204 1983 P.W. James  No
Brecknock: Llanbedr, Crickhowell SO243203 1995 R.G. Woods ? River Usk Tribs
Carmarthen: Dinefwr Estate - Castle Woods SN 615 216 1981 R.G. Woods Yes
Glamorgan: Bridgend - Newbridge Fields SS 90 79 1945 F.A. Sowter  No
Glamorgan: Bridgend - Ogmore River SS 90 79 1957 A.E. Wade No
Glamorgan: Dyffryn Gardens ST 09 72 1967 A.E. Wade  No
Montgomery: Afon Cwm - Clegyrnant Rhyd-y-Meirch SH 91 06 1976 P.W. James No
Montgomery: Mochdre Dingles Nr. Newtown SH 08 1976 P.W. James Yes
Radnor: Evencoyd Park SO258626 1983 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Stanner Rocks SO263583 2010 R.G. Woods Yes
Meirionydd: S of Pont Felin-y-llan, llanfachreth SH7492721961 2011 R.G. Woods A.Orange No


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