Lichens of Wales

Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris

<em>Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris </em>

Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris

Description & Identification

This species has a grey thallus of long, narrow lobes which widen and become brown at their tips. The upper surface has a "furry" appearance whilst the lower is white and lacks a lower cortex (the hyphaea form a loose mat). Cilia line the margins of the lobes and these may be the same colour as the thallus, or darker. Apothecia are common in unpolluted areas, with black, frequently pruinose discs and borne on short stalks. They are about 5 mm in diameter with margins that become crenulate. Chemical Reactions: All negative.

Photo: Liz Fleming-Williams

Records from Wales

Some older and poorly-localised records have been ommitted.

Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Brecknock: near Brechfa Pool (now lost from this tree) SO119379 2003 R.G. Woods No
Ceredigion: Parc Pont-faen (Parc Neuadd)(not recently refound) SN495594 1975 R.G. Woods Yes
Pembroke: Stackpole (Castle Dock Wood) SR974967 1997 A.M. Coppins & B.J. Coppins No
Pembroke: Stackpole (Castle Dock Wood) SR9742496715 2011 R.G. Woods & T. Wilkins No
Pembroke: Stackpole (NE of 8-Arch Bridge)(not recently refound) SR9795 1987 P.W. Wolseley & F. Dobson Yes
Radnor: Maesyronnen (tree now felled) SO179410 1977 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Old Radnor SO250591 2011 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Near Burlingjobb SO256583 2010 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Stanage Park SO334717 2011 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Tynwain Farm SO16106894 2011 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Llandeilo, Rhulen & Llanbedr Hills SO080443 2011 R.G. Woods Yes
Radnor: near Glasbury (tree collapsed and lost) SO170407 1996 A. Orange No
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