Lichens of Wales

Bacidia circumspecta

<em>Bacidia circumspecta</em>

Bacidia circumspecta

Description & Identification

Thallus whitish or pale green-grey, thin, irregulalry warted but without distinct granules. Apothecia 0.2-0.7 mm diam., flat, black, with a margin.

Distinguished from B. subincompta by the non-granular thallus and pale hypothecium, and from both B. vermifera and B. subcircumspecta by the bacilliform ascospores amd green epithecium. B igniarii has mostly shorter ascospore sand slightly smaller, barrel- to inversely cone-shaped apothecia.

Photo: Vagn Alstrup  Photo: Ray Woods 


Records from Wales
Location Grid Reference Last Rec'd Recorder SSSI
Brecknock: Ally-y-Gest SN 8952 1969 A. Pentecost Yes
Brecknock: west of Allt Cynhelyg SO 0247 1998 R.G. Woods No?
Brecknock: Carn Gafallt - near Elan Village SN 934650 1991 A.O. Orange Yes
Radnor: Gilfach Farm SN 963717 2011 R.G. Woods Yes
Radnor: River Wye - Nannerth Fawr SN 948714 1988 R.G. Woods Yes
Radnor: River Wye - Alpine Bridge SO 090629 1986 R.G. Woods Yes
Radnor: Dderw SN 959683 1986 R.G. Woods No
Radnor: Llandeilo, Rhulen & Llanbedr Hills SO 076465 1999 S.P. Chambers Yes


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